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10 Year Guarantee

Need advice? Call our order support line: 01706 260700
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AluFold Direct windows, doors and aluminium products are generally guaranteed for a period of 10 years, against all manufacturing defects, provided that the following terms are met:

The guarantee is provided to the entity or person/s named on the order confirmation and invoice only. It relates to the products supplied under our contract 'A' or 'Q' number.

The guarantee period begins from the date of delivery of the products.

The guarantee relates to products made in accordance with the relevant technical specification, that are free from defects in materials and workmanship.

Any shortages should be notified within 3 days of delivery. Any transit damage must be notified immediately. In any event, once installed, it will be deemed that the products will have been accepted as correct and free from defects at point of delivery.

If a defect develops, it must be reported to AluFold Direct as soon as practicably possible stating the original contract number. Supporting evidence including written descriptions and photographs may be required to enable AluFold Direct to assess the fault, the likely causes and any further action required. If it is deemed that there is fault, provided that the terms of the guarantee have been met and the products are within the guarantee period, replacement parts will be supplied free of charge for making good by the customer. The guarantee in respect of any replacement parts will be limited to the time period of the original part and not extend past that date. If products have been developed to a newer specification, then the replacement product may be to the newer specification.

Our liability will be limited to the cost of the replacement defective parts and does not cover any further expenditure, like labour costs or any consequential cost, loss or compensation.

The guarantee covers:

  • Normal domestic or commercial use in accordance with the relevant technical manual.
  • Products that are installed by a competent person, to the relevant installation manual standard.
  • Products that have been operated and maintained to the standard as laid out in the operation and maintenance manual.

The guarantee does not cover:

- Powder coating to products installed within a marine environment, defined as being within 1 mile of the sea or estuary, or within an industrial environment. Unless there has been a notification and bespoke paint specification process fully undertaken. And quoted as fit for purpose.

- Ancillary items carry the relevant manufacturers guarantee.

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