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AluFold Commercial

We are a UK based manufacturer of aluminium windows, doors and facades. We provide architects, building companies, and main contractors throughout the UK and Ireland with high quality aluminium building envelopes made in the UK.

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AluFold Commercial - Our services for premium projects in aluminium

Planning + Design!

AluFold Commercial supports you as an architect or investor in your daily work. Send us your project requirements and we help you. We comprehensively consult you and gladly compile technical details in CAD for you. In this respect, you save time and reduce costs.

From the initial planning phase, AluFold Commercial is available to provide the best support and advice to all stakeholders in the construction process, everywhere in the UK, and we can support by providing you with the most relevant technical, regulatory and economic solutions for your project.

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Budget + Certainty in Pricing!

We take the view that one of the crucial aspects of a project is the certainty of budget. For that we offer you full competence in pricing. No matter the requirements: we accurately calculate for you. It is our objective to provide you with certainty in pricing your project.

Research + Development

Our deep technical knowledge of aluminium systems combined with our expertise and state of the art manufacturing centre enable us to provide the most optimised solution for your project to achieve the required performance specification in the most cost effective solution.

Products + Systems!

We have products, systems, services, and solutions for every requirement of your architectural glazing needs. With our wide product range, we know the answers to: energy efficiency, acoustic control, burglar resistance, ventilation, weather resistance and access requirements.

Production + Quality!

Production and assembly with the highest precision! From our UK based headquarters we have invested in the most advanced aluminium production facility in the UK. The investment in highly precise and efficient CNC machines enable us to guarantee the accuracy and repeatable quality in our manufacturing processes, combining this with leading manufacturing software we are able to control every stage of your project and manage your delivery schedule/phasing. We can also handle small to very large project orders giving you peace of mind that we can be a reliable supply partner for all your project needs.

Logistics + Partners!

AluFold Commercial work with a network of third party installation partners to ensure the installation of the product is performed to the highest standard. The AluFold Partners form a vital part of our supply chain and their expertise allows them to advise you directly on the following additional services that maybe required on your project:

  • Supervision of offloading of deliveries
  • Distribution of materials both horizontally and vertically
  • Supply of materials for successful installation, including standard fixings, window lugs, perimeter seals etc.
  • Supply and Install of specialist Engineered Brackets
  • Supply and Install of Membranes such as EPDM and Vapour Barriers
  • Advice on Health and Safety and the issuing of any relevant paperwork to ensure current legislation is met and adhered to
  • Sequential handover following installation
  • Cleaning up of waste and debris