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Need advice? Call our order support line: 01706 260700

How to Install Aluminium Sliding Doors

Aluminium sliding doors from AluFold Direct are delivered in full-frame, right first time, ready to install. We’ll deliver your doors direct to site, anywhere in the UK.

Before you start fitting sliding doors, it’s always a good idea to check that you have everything you need and double check the size of the opening against the door outerframe, to ensure a good fit.

8 Steps to a Smooth Sliding Door Installation

  • Fit the cill:
    • Using the packers provided, ensure the cill is completely level. Once you are happy, bed on silicone and fix at the back edge through the thermal break into the brickwork.
  • Fit the door:
    • To fit the door, position the sliding door in the opening, on the cill.
    • Use glazing packers in the corners of the frame to hold the sliding door in place and keep it level, plumb and square.
    • Check the outerframe is square by measuring the two diagonals - there should never be more than 1-2mm difference between the two diagonal measurements.
    • Screw fix through the thermal break (do not screw through the drainage holes).
    • The first fixing must always occur within 150mm of each corner, and at no more than 600mm centres. Do not over-tighten the fixings and make sure you use packers around the fixings to prevent any distortion of the frame.
    • Fix the outerframe into the brickwork up both sides.
    • The fixed sash is delivered temporarily fixed. Undo the fixings to access the jamb and fix behind the sash. Slide the sash back into position and permanently fix.
    • Fix the head of the outerframe into the brickwork or steel above.
    • Double check the diagonals to make sure they are still equal.
    • Check that all leafs are running smoothly.
  • Fit the glass:
    • Lift the glass into place and pack all sides
    • Fit extra packers where required and refit the glazing beads.
  • Fit the push-in wedge gasket.
    • To make fitting the gasket easier, use silicone spray or warm soapy water, especially if you are fitting on a cold day.
    • Over stack the gaskets to allow for a small amount of shrinkage.
    • The gaskets are designed for a tight fit, so a glazing shovel is recommended – we send one out with every order.

  • Fit Additional Items:

Now you can fit any additional items

  • Anti-lift Cap – Clip this into the prepared holes in the top and bottom of the sash.
  • Buffer Stops – Install these to suit the required fully opened position, by screw fixing into the sash. Where required on triple track sliding doors, one of the buffer stops should also be fitted to the second sash to prevent the handle of the first sash hitting the second sash.
  • Fit the aluminium cover plates:
    • Clip the aluminium cover plates in to place around the inside. The cover plates are only used on double track sliding doors.
  • Silicone:
    • Finally, silicone seal internally & externally.

Following these simple steps will ensure that the sliding door you install will operate smoothly for years to come, so you can avoid any unnecessary call backs. And if you have any questions on how to fit sliding doors, or you're working on a similar project, why not contact us today? We can help you with every aspect of your sliding door installation.