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Achieve your design visions with aluminium bifold doors

14 July, 2019

When it comes to home building, renovating and refurbishment projects, homeowners are becoming much more in tune with the desired style and finish they would like to achieve for their property.

Modern, architectural designs are challenging classic interior styles more and more. Large, multi-functional open plan spaces are preferred over separate rooms, and wide expanses of glass are being used to blur the lines between inside and outside. 

If your customer prefers modern style, it’s time to chuck the rule book out the door and open up new build homes and refurbishment projects to the possibilities of open plan, seamless living. 

Bright and airy open-plan living spaces are a sought-after feature and there are lots of ways to create this design in a home by using widespan glazing.

The beauty of glazing is that it can be used to completely open up wall spaces and flood rooms with natural light. The most popular widespan glazing product of choice has to be aluminium bifold doors. 

Aluminium bifold doors have the design capabilities to bring your design visions to life, combining style, versatility and functionality together for an all-round quality home improvement. Did you know, it’s estimated that an outstanding 40,000 bifold doors were installed across the country last year, according to industry figures. 

It’s true that bifold doors are taking the market by storm, here’s how aluminium bifold doors can transform your new build and home refurbishment projects. 

Seamless transition from interior to exterior spaces

Aluminium bifold doors are designed to open up a room to the outdoors, which effectively helps to merge inside and outside together to create a seamless space that can be used by the whole household. A vision which is the perfect selling point for your customers. 

The doors offer a wall of glass that can be folded away, revealing an open plan area that creates fluidity between the home and the garden, so homeowners can use the joined space in harmony.

Wide expanses of glass are often standard features of aluminium bifold doors, perfect for framing a view and letting light stream through into the home, essentially inviting the outside in.

When it comes to designing an open plan area, multifunctional living, or the idea of dedicating specific functions to separate areas of a room, is the most popular use for open plan spaces. By creating distinct zones for activities such as relaxing or dining, open plan designs can enhance the home and create a truly modern living space.

Engineering of aluminium bifold doors

Why aluminium? 

Aluminium delivers great performance features for our bifold doors. Being incredibly lightweight, aluminium offers the perfect strength to weight ratio, so that we can manufacture a system that’s both easy to use, and has cleaner lines and a sleek, slimline finish. 

Aluminium also has excellent corrosion resistance and durability, meaning our aluminium bifold doors will keep their stunning appearance for decades to come. 

As one of the world’s most sustainable building materials, aluminium is renowned, not only for its durability and strength, but for its quality, performance and low impact on the environment. 

Engineered with outstanding thermal performance, our aluminium bifold doors can positively impact on the sustainability of a home, by offering great energy efficiency and insulating benefits that help to reduce the carbon footprint of a home.

Contemporary choices

Aluminium bifold doors are ideal to complement modern design in homes. The sleek aluminium frames, clean lines and large glazed areas add style like no other. 

For open plan living, rooms need to flow together and make the most of the space on offer through innovative design choices, and that’s where our aluminium bifold doors really shine. 

Benefiting from slimline frames, large panes of glass and lightweight opening, our aluminium bifold doors offer lots of design elements so you can create a bespoke feature in a home. From the overall size, number of panels used, the opening styles and configurations, colour, choice of glazing, hardware options and even door furniture, the possibilities are endless. 

There’s more than 17 varieties of opening styles for our aluminium bifold doors, they can open inwards or outwards and can be stacked fully in one direction to the left or right, or split to stack either side, depending on your customer’s preference. 

A clever design choice is to opt for the exterior wall to be recessed, so that the width of the doors fold away into place, so that they don’t obtrude as much and take up less space in the garden. 

Our blog post on design features of aluminium bifold doors, has all the information you need for designing the perfect modern door, featuring opening and glazing options, colours and hardware.

Wall-to-wall glazing

If you’re looking for a ‘frameless’ wall of glass effect, see our Infinium sliding doors. As an alternative to our aluminium bifold doors, Infinium is a slimline glazing system that’s designed to give a frameless effect, offering wall-to-wall glass that gives a truly striking contemporary finish.

Infinium features tall, widespan panes of glass, with slim sightlines of 21mm and a hidden threshold. You can discover the perfect bifold door alternative, Infinium, here.

Meeting your architectural demands

At AluFoldDirect, we can help you with your project. Our aluminium bifold doors are designed to meet your architectural demands. We’ve made it easier for you to work directly with the fabricator, offering project specific tender packs, downloadable CAD drawings and U-value calculations. You can find out more about how we can help your project here.

Bring certainty to your project

We have a dedicated aluminium glazing projects management service, comprising of a team of aluminium experts who can support you with any larger scale projects you may have that require aluminium glazing, bringing absolute certainty to your project.

You will have a dedicated member of the projects team that can offer help throughout your project, working with the complete supply chain at every stage, from design and specifications, to itemised products and bespoke delivery strategies. 

Our aluminium bifold doors are manufactured at our state-of-the-art factory in Blackburn, so we can deliver right first time, every time, directly to site, in just 1 week for unglazed doors and 2 weeks for glazed.

Visit our aluminium bifold doors at the Aluminium Glazing Design Centre

The beauty of our aluminium bifold doors is showcased at our Aluminium Glazing Design Centre, in Blackburn.

We have full sized, working displays of our aluminium bifold doors, so you and your customers can drop by and see how they can be incorporated into your next home project.

Our expert team are on hand, with technical information and guidance to help you create the best design possible and achieve your design visions with aluminium bifold doors.