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Need advice? Call our order support line: 01706 260 700

Aluminium Bi-fold Doors for Home Refurbishments

3 September, 2017

Open plan living has become an increasingly popular trend for home refurbishment projects. Aluminium bi-fold doors can transform a living space by opening up the room to the outdoors, creating a light filled space that extends into the garden.

Getting Started

Aluminium bi-fold doors are often one of the final considerations in a home refurbishment project as they offer the finishing touch. Usually, this means that there is a vision in place for what is wanted out of a living space. Whether this involves a complete redesign of a property or even the replacement of a wall with doors, AluFoldDirect is here to help with any aluminium bi-fold doors design needs. 

You can get in touch to talk about your requirements, or if you have the measurements in place, we can begin planning the build. We manufacture aluminium bi-fold doors specific to your design needs. They come in a variety of configurations and opening styles to suit the lifestyle of the homeowner. Our bi-fold doors are made to measure to create a product that is unique to each project.

We also manufacture aluminium windows to match with aluminium bi-fold doors, giving you the option to coordinate design features across the whole refurbishment project. 


There is a whole range of benefits that come with installing aluminium bi-fold doors in a home:

  • Less building work

Our products are made to measure and are delivered in full frame to site, so you do not have to assemble anything yourself. We deliver doors that are right first time, every time, so you spend less time on site. 

  • Saves time

We believe that ‘time is money’ for home refurbishment projects. Taking on the challenge of renovating a home requires detailed planning and tight deadlines for everyone involved. It is essential to offer a product that requires minimum time to deliver and install along with having as little impact on the build as possible. That’s why our aluminium bi-fold doors are easy to install and have a lead-time of 1 week for unglazed units and 2 weeks for glazed across the UK.

  • Transforms a space

Our aluminium bi-fold doors help to create the feel of extra space within a room. They considerably transform a room by allowing light to flood in. 

  • Planning permission is not usually needed

Most bi-fold installations do not require planning permission as they are often classed as permitted developments (PDs). However, at the early planning stage of the project, it is always best to check. 

  • Secured by design

All aluminium bi-fold doors and other glazed products in new homes have to comply with the Building Regulations for security. We believe it is important to offer the upmost security for peace of mind. AluFoldDirect bi-fold doors have a Secured by Design (SBD) accreditation. This is a scheme created by the police to help reduce crime with the use of design initiatives. Large glazed areas such as bi-fold doors sometimes need extra security benefits, that’s why we offer an SBD approved version of our bi-fold doors that you can choose from. 

If you would like to talk further about using aluminium bi-fold doors for your next home refurbishment project, you can call our team today on 01706 260700.