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Choosing Colours for Aluminium Folding Doors

14 August, 2017

We know choosing the right colour is super important when installing aluminium folding doors in a property. AluFoldDirect offers a huge palette of colours, you can choose any single colour from either the RAL or B.S. chart.

With contemporary and stylish architectural designs, bi-folds are proving a popular choice across new builds and renovations. Anthracite Grey and Jet Black are two of our most in-demand colours. Our aluminium folding doors also come in dual colours - we stock Anthracite Grey on White, but if you’re looking for a different combination, we can order it for you. Bespoke colour options have an approximate lead time of 5 weeks.

The Colour Process
The aluminium used for our folding doors is powder-coated. The metal profile goes through the process of being coated with an electrically charged powder. It is then heat-treated which effectively bonds the powder to the metal. The finished profile is then graded for its level of gloss. After receiving its powder coating, the completed product becomes extremely durable and easy to maintain.

Powder coating provides a resilient finish to the folding door for years to come. It is an environmentally friendly process, as all residual powder is recycled so there is no excess paint. Also, the coating has the ability to last for years without having to be painted.

Colour Considerations
When choosing aluminium folding doors, it is useful to consider the following points:

The décor
Choose a colour that will work well with the interior and exterior style of the build. You should avoid colour combinations that will be overbearing or will clash too much. Aluminium folding doors are designed to complement and add a contemporary feel to a building.

It is easy to get carried away with such a large variety of colours to choose from. You can remain in control by coordinating with any existing windows, brickwork or rooflines.

Room Use
Neutral tones help to create a relaxing space, whereas jet black will work perfectly in a sleek modern kitchen. Vibrant colours will work perfectly within a quirky café or to brighten up a dull office space.

The Occupancy
If you are building to sell or are looking to sell in the future, buyers appreciate neutral tones. It is often easier to picture living in a space with a neutral canvas rather than one with bold door colours, these aren’t as straightforward to change as the paint on a wall would be.

In Demand Colours
Anthracite Grey and Jett Black in matt are our two most popular colours. They are both sophisticated yet striking and work well with neutral tones. Working with the interior of a building, both of these colours can create a beautiful doorway into the garden. It is easy to see why both of these colours are high in demand for aluminium folding doors.

You can download our free brochure for more information on aluminium folding doors and choosing the right colours.