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Bring light to homes all year round with aluminium windows

15 November, 2017

We know how high the demand is from homeowners to make the most of the natural sunlight and beautiful views outside, something that can easily be made possible with AluFoldDirect aluminium windows.

Aluminium slimline windows illuminate homes like no other

Aluminium slimline windows mean more glass and less frame to flood homes with natural light, which is easily done with the inherent strength of aluminium.

Extra sunlight can shine through the slim-framed window, so that even in the winter months homes can be filled with light and make the most of beautiful views.

As well as bringing in natural daylight, aluminium slimline windows look stunning

Aluminium slimline windows don’t just add natural light and bigger views, they upgrade the whole look of a property by offering sleek and clean lines that installers, architects and homeowners alike desire.

The narrow frames are ideal for creating a sleek and stylish feature, but also means the windows are lightweight and easy to fit too.

The clean and precisely finished look of aluminium slimline windows means they’re ideal for new builds or modern refurbishment projects, and for homeowners wanting to transform their traditional properties by giving it a contemporary twist.

Aluminium windows can open up a home to endless design possibilities

AluFoldDirect aluminium windows can be manufactured to bespoke window shapes and styles to fit with your design plans, giving your customers the flexibility to allow maximum light into their home.

Choose triangular aluminium windows, large, multi-level windows with pointed tops, gable or even unusual quadrilateral shapes for really modern new-build designs.

The natural light that aluminium slimline windows let shine through our bespoke window shapes adds the wow factor to any project, and the colour options and design choices we offer give installers endless possibilities to transform any home.

Create bespoke aluminium windows by choosing from a range of profiles for outer frames, cills, sashes and beading, and design the slimline window frames in any RAL colour with the additional option of dual colour frames so you can match to internal décor as well as exterior brickwork or render.

Installer benefits of aluminium windows

Our aluminium slimline windows come with a whole host of benefits not just for homeowners looking to add light and style to their homes, but for installers too.

As aluminium glazing design experts, we know how important fast turnarounds are. To ensure we deliver on time, without fail, we hold huge stocks of aluminium and hardware, with guaranteed delivery in just 1 week for unglazed windows, and 2 weeks for glazed, direct to site in an unmarked van.

Transforming homes into lighter brighter spaces doesn’t stop at our aluminium slimline windows, we also stock matching Technic-AL RD1 entrance doors, aluminium bifold doors, aluminium sliding doors and aluminium roof lanterns for sleek and stylish whole house installations.

To see for yourself how our aluminium slimline windows would bring light to any home all year round and make the most of beautiful views, visit our Aluminium Glazing Design Centre in Blackburn where we have full working displays set up so you can see our high quality windows up close.