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Conservatories With Bifold Doors

12 June, 2023

Are you working on a new conservatory project or looking to replace an old one? If you want to take it to the next level, why not include a set of bifold doors? Refurbishing a conservatory is a great way to give a home a new lease of life, and bifold doors make a striking stylistic difference. Plus, they tend to get overlooked in favour of alternatives like French doors. Here’s why you should consider installing bifold doors in a conservatory.

Increasing Kerb Appeal

Here at AluFold, we’ve worked on many conservatory refurbishment projects over the years. We’ve noticed that in these circumstances, homeowners tend to favour French doors and for good reason too; they have a delightful, vibrant look that pairs well with the aesthetics of traditional conservatories. However, we believe that bifold doors are just as good.

In the past few years, there’s been a trend to replace glass conservatory roofs with tiled ones. This gives them a more modern look and can make the existing doors appear comparatively old-fashioned. Installing bifold doors helps to complete the transformation. They have a contemporary, sophisticated vibe that complements the twenty-first-century style of tiled conservatories and increases the kerb appeal. You’ll get a stunning finish to a state-of-the-art extension and while it’s impossible to quantify the exact amount, it’ll raise the potential value of the house too.

Replacing Windows With Bifold Doors

Another benefit of incorporating bifold doors into a conservatory is that they can be used to replace windows as well. Depending on your circumstances, you could even swap out an entire wall of windows for a large bifold door installation. Because they have such big glazing areas, the doors will let in just as much light, but they’ll also add extra entrances to the house.

As a result, it’ll make homeowners feel closer to nature. This is especially beneficial in the summer when we spend more time in our gardens and patios, enjoying barbecues and cocktails in the sun. When you can transition seamlessly between indoors and out, it can do wonders for the atmosphere. Plus, let’s not overlook that it’s easier to transport furniture through bifold doors than French ones.

bi fold doors conservatory

In other words, if you’re looking for a unique way to redo a conservatory, it's worth considering bifold doors. They might be a slightly different choice, but they’re widely customisable and can add a distinctive character to a home. You don't see conservatories with bi-folding doors often so they'll leave a memorable impression.

If you’d like to know more, we recommend contacting us. We can assist with your bespoke aluminium bifold doors project and our experts have plenty of knowledge to share. Alternatively, why not request a quote? We can’t wait to hear from you.