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Creating the perfect arched windows with our shaped glazing service

22 November, 2019

No matter the size of your project, we can provide arched windows, along with complete shaped glazing solutions.

When it comes to window design, arched windows are having a revival. The beauty and charm of a not-so-square window is being favoured by home builders, architects and designers alike, and shaped glazing is being to be specified for more and more new build property restoration projects across the country.

Our newly-launched aluminium shaped glazing service helps our customers create the ‘perfect arch’ in their building projects. We manufacture bespoke aluminium glazing in any shape and size, for even the most complex projects.

We work with you to meet your desired specifications and requirements and can create bespoke shapes to fit your project thanks to our expert manufacturing processes.

Arched windows for restoration projects

Aluminium arched windows are a great option to capture timeless style, while enhancing the performance of the property.

There’s a big trend for converting old industrial mills and red-brick buildings into modern architectural apartments or offices, especially across the North West, along with grand barn conversions that require larger expanses of glazing.

This means there’s an increasing need for high quality, high performance bespoke shaped windows to meet the demand.

With our aluminium shaped glazing, we can produce stunning arched windows that ooze character whilst adding style, elegance and value to a building.

Making retrofitting easier

Working with restoration projects often means working with listing buildings and properties that are situated in conservation areas.

This requires original features to be preserved by retrofitting the windows with replacements that meet the original architectural design along with Local Authority specifications.

We can create clever designs using our shaped glazing that not only preserves original design but helps to increase the amount of natural light that enters a building, with slimmer sightlines and larger glazed areas.

Let’s talk about aluminium

Aluminium is the ideal material to use for creating the perfect arch. Adding a touch of character like no other, aluminium arched windows complement both period properties and contemporary buildings for residential and commercial use.

The slim aluminium frames help to provide a unique statement design that’s engineered with latest technology to offer the highest performance features.

Our ached windows benefit from:

  • Slimline aluminium frames to maximise space and light
  • Huge choice of RAL and B.S. colours
  • Double or triple glazing options
  • Enhanced thermal efficiency
  • Fitter friendly – designed with installers in mind

We deliver aluminium shapes direct to site, in an unmarked van in just two weeks. There’s a huge choice of modern and traditional colours and glazing options to suit your project.

Our aluminium shaped glazing

We manufacture our arched windows using the latest cutting technology with our bending machine, to ensure the perfect shape is created, cut to exact measurements and meeting all specifications.

We know it can be hard to replicate the traditional arched shape that’s so often found in heritage properties, that’s why we’ve invested in our shaped glazing service to offer our customers the best products so they can achieve the best results in their aluminium glazing projects.

Taking on larger shaped glazing projects

No matter the size of your project, we can provide arched windows, along with complete shaped glazing solutions.

Our aluminium glazing projects management service is designed to help you at every stage of your build, with a dedicated team that partners with you to manage design, specifications, manufacturing and delivery of your aluminium glazing.

Ensuring that your larger project with shaped glazing will always run to plan, right first time, every time.

If you are after the perfect arch window, get in touch with our team to see how we can help you. You can call us on 01706 260700, email us at or start your aluminium glazing project here.