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Need advice? Call our order support line: 01706 260 700

Fast delivery on aluminium bifold doors from AluFoldDirect

19 January, 2018

Time is money in the glazing industry, and we know how important it is to meet deadlines with fast turnarounds, which is why we offer an exceptionally fast aluminium bifold doors delivery.

How fast is fast?

Here at AluFoldDirect, we deliver our aluminium bifold doors in just 1 week for unglazed doors and 2 weeks for glazed.

We hold massive stock levels for a guaranteed fast delivery of our aluminium bifold doors, so that you can impress your customers and get the job done quickly.

With AluFoldDirect, your aluminium bifold doors delivery is guaranteed in just 1 week for unglazed and 2 weeks for glazed, on time, every time, without fail.

We deliver nationwide, all across the UK from Inverness to the Channel Islands, direct to site in an unmarked van for an uninterrupted installation process.

Alternatively, if you’re near to our Blackburn base, you can collect your bifold doors direct from our factory.

Why wait when time is money?

At AluFoldDirect, we know that time is money, which is why we guarantee a fast and efficient delivery of aluminium bifold doors.

We know that even tiny delays between placing an order and delivery can result in longer lead times, greatly affecting the schedule of your build.

We eliminate that risk, and hold a significant amount of stock at all times for a responsive service and a fast aluminium bifold doors delivery.

Our quick turnarounds mean your bifold doors can be delivered to suit your project’s schedule, helping you stick to deadlines, saving time and money for everyone involved.

Our aluminium bifold doors delivery process

We’re committed to making our aluminium bifold doors delivery processes hassle-free from start to finish. 

We ensure our products are handled with the utmost care, making sure they leave our Blackburn factory in an exceptional condition and arrive on site in the same way too.

Our drivers understand our product range and are on hand to give you any advice or assistance you may need during your delivery.

What’s more, our delivery vans are specifically designed to hold wide-span glazed units. This means that we can deliver our bifold doors in full frame to site, so you don’t have to assemble anything.

You’re not just getting a quick delivery of aluminium bifold doors, you’re getting a quality delivery too

Our bifold doors are manufactured from high quality aluminium for an exceptionally stunning feature.

The inherent strength of aluminium allows for more glass to be held in less frame, meaning slimmer profiles for clean, contemporary lines to enhance the beauty of any building and blend seamlessly into both internal and external spaces.

As well as a sleek appearance, the slim frames allow for more natural sunlight to flood in and illuminate homes, giving homeowners the extra brightness they’re looking for.

We use thermally insulated glass for expansive glazed areas to achieve optimum energy efficiency, so that you can give your customers a door that works to save money on heating bills and keep them warm and comfortable too.

Another key feature of the aluminium we use is that it makes our bifold doors incredibly low maintenance. Aluminium bifold doors have a long life-span as they are able to withstand whatever the British weather throws at them without rusting, rotting or corroding. The RAL colour we use to spray the frames ensures colourfastness so they won’t fade.

Our guaranteed fast delivery extends across our entire Everything Aluminium range

To match our aluminium bifold doors, we stock slimline aluminium windows, aluminium roof lanterns and aluminium entrance doors.

Our aluminium windows are available in just 1 week unglazed and 2 weeks glazed, and our Technic-AL entrance doors in stock colours are available on a 2 week lead time.

You can make the most out of the growing roof lantern market with our guaranteed next day delivery of our roof lantern kits, and a 1 week unglazed and 2 weeks glazed lead time on our bespoke roof lanterns.

To find out more about our impressive aluminium delivery times and for more information on our full product range, visit our Aluminium Glazing Design Centre or call us on 01706 260700 and talk to our team of experts.