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Need advice? Call our order supportline: 01706 260 700

Free Guide to Fitting Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

16 February, 2021

Aluminium bi-fold doors are the best product on the market for opening homes to the garden and merging indoor and outdoor spaces. And homeowners have taken notice.

Download our guide to installing aluminium bi-fold doors.

AluFoldDirect supplies aluminium bi-fold doors to the trade, double glazing installers and local builders across the UK from our HQ in Blackburn. We deliver bi-folding doors in-frame, direct-to-site, in plain unmarked vans in just one week unglazed and two weeks glazed.

Delivering doors to site quickly gives tradespeople the chance to get the job done quicker, so that they can stick to work schedules and have extra time to win more bi-fold door installation jobs.

How to fit bi-fold doors with AluFoldDirect

There’s an easy four step process to fitting bi-fold doors which is made even easier when the bi-fold door is the perfect fit for the space it is being installed into.

At AluFoldDirect, we have a dedicated bi-fold manufacturing process which delivers you a precisely manufactured door ready to fit straight away. The best way to do this is to have exact measurements of the hole, so we can precisely manufacture a door that’s the perfect fit to make your installation go more smoothly.

  • Build/prepare the space where the aluminium bi-fold door will be fitted
  • Measure the hole, brick to brick
  • Order your made to measure bi-fold door from AluFoldDirect
  • Your bi-fold door is delivered in one week unglazed and two weeks glazed, ready to fit straight away, right first time.

Measuring the space after it has been built eliminates the guess work and guarantees a right first time fit for your aluminium bi-fold doors. This will remove installation issues on site and help ensure you get paid, on time.

Once your bi-fold arrives, follow these four easy steps to install:

  1. Soak the gasket in a bucket of warm soapy water
  2. Check the outer frame is installed 100 percent level and square – ensuring all four sides are levels and that the diagonals are identical
  3. Fully toe & heel every sealed unit, this is crucial, to stop the sashes from dropping
  4. Install threshold gasket last

If you’re just starting out fitting bi-fold doors, or want a reminder of the best way to do it, print off our free guide to installing aluminium bi-fold doors. You can keep a copy in the van, stick it on the wall in the office or even print out copies to pass around the site so everyone knows about the best way to fit bi-fold doors.

Adding aluminium bi-fold doors to your product range

Aluminium is a big opportunity for growth for installers. Adding aluminium bi-fold doors to your offering will help you to meet demands from homeowners. Our aluminium bi-fold doors can also be matched in with our aluminium slimline windows range for seamless design throughout.

For more information, check out our aluminium bifold doors product page.