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The All-New Premium Bifold Door from AluFold Direct

27 February, 2022

Introducing our Premium Bifold Door – the highly customisable, premium-quality addition to our growing collection of high-performance aluminium products.

These all-new bifold doors offer installers, builders, architects and specifiers the chance to add an extra touch of luxury to any project, appealing to the tastes of customers with high-end residential properties.

With the mainstream home improvement market likely to come under pressure during 2022 as inflation rises and higher costs put a squeeze on household expenditure, there are still plenty of opportunities to be had at the higher end of the market.

Our new Premium Bifold features an ultra-slim frame with sightlines of just 120mm and stylish, contemporary hardware which helps to differentiate it from our 'standard' bifold offering.

Managing Director Russell Yates explains: “The fact is that there’s nothing standard about the AluFold Standard Bifold. It’s a great product with proven quality and performance and lots of customisation options and it remains central to our offering. However, this new Premium Bifold gives customers another string to their bow and means they can potentially upsell to homeowners and developers who want something different.

“The hardware in particular, available in a range of different finishes, is likely to appeal to homeowners who want their bifold to look and feel luxurious, and we are offering a full range of custom RAL colours so that they can match the doors and the hardware perfectly to their décor.”

Installers can be reassured that the new AluFold Direct Premium Bifold comes with PAS24 security accreditation, and market leading wind, water and air permeability performance ratings. (Class A3 for wind resistance, Class 9A for water tightness and Class 4 for air permeability.) It can also be used with triple glazing to achieve U-Values of 1.1 W/m2K, which means it complies with the upcoming changes to Part L of the Building Regs.

In terms of configuration, maximum panel width is 1200mm, height is 3000mm and weight is 120kg. Inward or outward opening can be from 1 to 14 sashes and there is the option of fully openable 90° corners without a mullion. There are also four different threshold heights, including an embedded low threshold for maximum accessibility.

Our new door is pre-assembled for even quicker installation and comes with a built-in adjustable jamb to save installers time and hassle onsite.

It also, of course, comes with all the other benefits of from buying from a Blackburn-based fabricator, including some of the quickest turnaround times in the industry and direct delivery to site in unbranded vehicles.

Russell Yates adds: “Back when I joined AluFold Direct in 2020, it was already amongst the most efficient fabricators in the UK. Since then though, we’ve transformed the entire operation, massively increasing capacity and guaranteeing consistent, highly repeatable precision outputs in doors, windows and rooflights.

“Unlike most aluminium fabricators who put multiple products down the same assembly lines and accept the limitations that puts on speed and volumes, we now have three dedicated high-speed lines, each with their own top of the range cutting and machining centres and fully automated four head crimpers.

“We are producing both our Standard and Premium Bifolds on our dedicated doors line and delivering the same efficiencies on both. What is also important for customers is that we are no longer reliant on a single systems supplier so we can guarantee product availability even when there are delays in our extended supply chain.”

To find out more and to request a quote, visit our Premium Bifold Doors page.