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AluFoldDirect delivers luxury residential development

7 April, 2021

AluFoldDirect has teamed up with Heatley Developments to deliver a £3.7m project. POPWorks is a 28 eco-friendly apartments in one of Manchester’s trendiest districts features aluminium glazing from award-winning AluFoldDirect.

More than 160 frames and 300 specialist glazing units were supplied to construction company, Heatley Developments.

The one-year refit, called POPworks, transformed a former solicitor’s office into luxury one and two bedroom apartments, with state-of-the-art smart home technology.

After it was voted a top place to live by The Times newspaper, buyers snapped up every apartment - before a single brick was laid!

As part of the plan to create a contemporary living space, Heatley Developments kept the existing façade of the historic building complete with exposed brickwork and original features. Inside, designers celebrated Manchester’s industrial heritage and included external balconies and some floor to ceiling windows – successfully combining the best of old and new.

Durable, slim and secure, AluK 58BW and 588D profiles, in Anthracite Grey, were installed in every apartment.

On the ground floor, in the commercial units, Jack Aluminium’s TD68 Thermally-broken ground floor system including security entrance doors and two magnetic locking entrance doors were installed. They were supplied to meet Secured by Design standards.

To keep up with the fast pace of work and to ensure the site was not overloaded with deliveries, AluFoldDirect organised five separate window and door deliveries. One elevation at a time, fitters installed the specified aluminium windows and doors.

Specialist IGUs were supplied by AluFoldDirect to reduce heavy traffic noise outside. This was necessary to adhere to strict acoustic regulations and ensure minimal noise pollution from the road.

At the final noise survey and assessment, which takes place as part of the planning application process, POPworks passed – thanks to AluFoldDirect.

Following the revamp, planners described POPworks as a ‘triumph’.

Tim Mooney, project manager at AluFoldDirect, says: “We had to meet strict acoustic regulations because the apartments were next to a busy road. From the beginning, I knew we had to supply specialist glazing or the noise tests would fail.

“Facing a problem like this, when the build is pretty much complete, causes huge problems and can be an expensive issue to fix.

“From day one, this was a huge consideration for AluFoldDirect, and I worked hard to ensure that POPworks would pass with flying colours. Of course, at the final sound installation test, it did and that was great news for everyone involved.”

It is the first time AluFoldDirect has worked with Heatley Developments to complete a project like POPworks – but the partnership continues to grow. Already there are plans for them to work on a second Manchester-based development together.

Fred Baama, of Heatley Developments, which is a full-service construction company, says: “POPworks was an exciting development and we thoroughly enjoyed bringing it to life.

“We wanted to create a high-quality contemporary living space and that’s exactly what we did.

“Working with Tim at AluFoldDirect was very rewarding and we found AluFoldDirect to be exceptionally fast, efficient and helpful.

“On the back of POPworks, we have invited AluFoldDirect to work with us again as we prepare to take on our next project in Manchester.”

Tim adds: “I was really impressed with Heatley Developments. Everyone associated with the Oldham Road POPworks job should be delighted as the finished project is a remarkable achievement.

“This project is an excellent example of why we created the Aluminium Glazing Projects team. It’s a free service and means developers can access industry experts, offering award-winning products and service.

“We are already looking forward to working with Heatley Developments again".