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Russell Yates Joins AluFoldDirect

15 July, 2020

Russell Yates has joined AluFoldDirect as Managing Director.

Taking the helm as the company reopened for business after lockdown, Russell has recognised that he now has the perfect vehicle to help grow the awareness of aluminium and bring a better service proposition and product offering to the installer market.

“One of the biggest benefits of being a fabricator is being able to work much more closely with installers to support them and increase our influence on the market,” explains Russell. “This industry is built on relationships and AluFoldDirect is going to play a big part in further popularising aluminium products as we further build market share.

“My move to AluFoldDirect was delayed by a few months due to the Covid crisis, but it was really important for the business to have consistent leadership through that time. Covid has quickened the pace of change in the window and door industry, but I think that the new world order is going to offer more opportunities to aluminium than PVCu. Since reopening, we have demonstrated just how quickly AluFoldDirect can change and adapt, so that we can continue to deliver an industry leading service.”

Moving to AluFoldDirect after 17 years with AluK, Russell is determined to get closer to installers and help them to promote aluminium to the homeowner market.

“At a systems company level, you are always one level away from the coal face. Leading AluFoldDirect gives me the opportunity to listen to what customers want and help them get into new areas. Growing the awareness of aluminium whilst delivering the combination of product choice, speed and service to the installer market gives them the confidence to offer aluminium as the first choice for homeowners.”

The plan for AluFoldDirect is to use this business model through the network of customers, which has been successful in other countries around Europe.

Russell adds: “The market is receptive to aluminium, especially with the level of growth over the last few years. After transforming the way the trade buys aluminium, the next opportunity for us is to take the well-oiled engine and build on it in terms of service offering and product range, concentrating on delivering on promises made to customers.”