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25 May, 2022

AluFold Direct has designed its new XENLITE aluminium roof lantern to be safe, simple, and quick to fit by a single installer, and has just released a video showing exactly how easy the process is.

The new two-minute video on the XENLITE website takes an installer through the assembly and fixing of the lantern step-by-step and, on the way, demonstrates many of its industry changing safety features and fast fit technologies.

It’s easy to see, for example, just how light and manoeuvrable XENLITE is and how that removes the risks that come with handling more cumbersome lanterns when working at height.

It also illustrates how easily the ring beam can be put together using pre-inserted cleats, how quick it is to fix the ridge and rafters within that ring beam, and how simply the thermal break is clipped into the rafters and the top caps just snap fit on top.

What’s key though is the video demo of the XENLITE lantern’s brand-new glass retention system, which means that the beads on the DGUs lock smoothly and securely onto the ring beam all the way round with a reassuring click every time and there is no danger of the glass falling through at any point.

Russell Yates, AluFold Direct’s Managing Director, and the person leading the design team, said: “We know that XENLITE will appeal to homeowners with its ultra-slim 38mm sightlines and contemporary aesthetic, but one of the key drivers in the design process was to make it the lantern of choice for installers as well.

“We’ve addressed all the worries that installers have about other lanterns on the market and made sure XENLITE is much more fitter-friendly. That extends beyond just the safety aspects and into business profitability because they can fit XENLITE single-handedly and in a super fast time.”

All the details on XENLITE, including colours, sizes and lead times are at: