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Security Features of Bifold Doors

10 October, 2017

Worried that bifold doors are more vulnerable to intruders than standard patio doors? At AluFoldDirect, we understand that the security and safety of a property is key.

But that’s why bifold doors are manufactured with top quality components to ensure that the highest levels of security are guaranteed. Bifolds are often installed at the back of a property, an area that can be most at risk to intruders. As they feature many door panels, maintaining the security of the units is of utmost importance.

In support of National Home Security Month which takes place throughout October, find our top security and safety features of our bifold doors to help keep homes and families secure.

Multi-point locking

Multi-point locks are used to secure a door in several different places with just one turn of a key which helps to resist attacks. Our bifold doors come with a modern multi-point locking system as standard, giving a superior level of security for the best possible protection and peace of mind. The high-security locks comply with PAS 24 as standard to meet requirements on new homes.

Secured by Design

AluFoldDirect is a member of Secured By Design (SBD), a national police initiative that helps to ‘design out’ crime through the use of high-quality products and processes. We have bifold doors that have achieved the SBD’s Police Preferred Specification, which is an enhanced set of security standards established by the Association of Chief Police Officers. There is the option to upgrade your AluFoldDirect bifold doors to be SBD accredited.

The standards set by SBD are becoming increasingly important across both commercial and domestic builds. Not only is it recognised to add value to a property, it also ensures the highest levels of security and peace of mind. Whether you choose to upgrade bifold doors to be SBD or not, we always manufacture bifold doors with top-quality security and safety features as standard.

Why aluminium for security?

Top-quality aluminium is used for all bifold doors. Aluminium is a low-density metal; it adds superior strength and durability to the design without being too bulky. The robustness of the aluminium paired with the high-security hardware and locking mechanisms help to completely secure the doors.

Glass safety

Toughened safety glass is used for all standard units. The wide expanses of glass used in bifold doors make it essential for them to also provide the highest level of security. Toughened glass is very hard to break, it is a legal requirement that the glass is used for all doors, in order to provide maximum safety and security. We also offer our glazing units with a laminated specification. The laminated glass will not shatter, instead, it will hold together in the same way that a car windshield does.

Safety for the home

As bifold doors continue to grow in popularity amongst homeowners, we make sure that all units are designed with the home in mind. An important factor of this is to ensure that bifold doors are child friendly.

When opened, the doors can be stacked well out of the way, either inside a room or outdoors. This gives a family more room to play and enjoy the living space. Whatever configurations are chosen, the wide expanse of the doors will give a full view of the garden, perfect for overseeing children when outdoors.

Call in to the AluFoldDirect Aluminium Glazing Design Centre, where our expert team can provide you with all the information you need to know about the security features and Building Regulations of our bifold doors. Alternatively, you can find out more by visiting our page on bifold doors.