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The top home improvement trend of 2018: Slimline aluminium windows

18 December, 2017

Our slimline aluminium windows have been helping you to transform homes and we predict that in 2018, this market will keep on growing.

Slimline aluminium windows are a stunning feature for transformation projects

It’s easy to see the appeal of aluminium windows to installers, architects and homeowners alike as their slim frames ooze modern style and state of the art engineering.

This is ideal for projects such as new builds, refurbishments or traditional properties looking for a contemporary transformation.

Slimline aluminium windows offer a clean and precise finish, and the sleek frames allow for bigger glazed areas, perfect to overlook beautiful views and let in lots of natural light.

Adding more daylight all year round, making the most of the outdoor views and achieving a contemporary edge are all important features homeowners today are looking for, and installers in 2018 need to make sure they’re offering a window that can provide this.

Our slimline aluminium windows are beautiful by design and strong by nature

Using aluminium for our windows makes them strong and robust, allowing for the frames to support large glazed areas, ideal for creating a stunning feature that transformation projects are looking to achieve.

The inherent strength of AluFoldDirect windows means they add security too and will protect homes from any intruders.

As well as this, the aluminium windows won’t warp, twist, expand or damage over time.

Not just a trend, slimline aluminium windows will transform homes with functionality as well as beauty

Our aluminium windows are also resistant to corroding or fading and won’t need repainting or treating, providing homeowners with a low maintenance, durable and stunning feature for years to come.

The windows also offer excellent weatherproofing with thermal break technology and low U-Values to keep homes warmer in the winter.

AluFoldDirect slimline aluminium windows are a superb choice for installers, architects and homeowners

The slim frames make them lightweight, which not only makes them a sleek feature for homeowners, but a great choice for installers looking for a quick and easy installation too.

As we’ve witnessed the increase in demand for aluminium windows, and predict more desire for the stylish windows in 2018, we are committed to delivering our products with a fast turnaround.

We can get our aluminium windows to you, direct to site in an unmarked van in just 1 week for unglazed and 2 weeks for glazed on time, without fail.

We hold huge stock levels so you can be sure you can provide fast turnarounds for your 2018 home improvement projects.

To match with our stunning windows, we also stock matching Technic-AL RD1 entrance doors, aluminium bifold doors, aluminium sliding doors and aluminium roof lanterns for whole house renovations.

You can find our Everything Aluminium range and talk with our expert team on the best home improvement trends to transform homes at our Aluminium Glazing Design Centre.