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When To Replace A Casement Window

2 September, 2023

It’s very easy to take our windows for granted. We walk them past multiple times each day without even registering them and only pay attention when they need to be opened. However, if you give your windows some routine care and keep them well-maintained, they can last for years.

Inevitably though, there will be a day when you need to replace a window. Here at AluFold Direct, we pride ourselves on making resilient, long-lasting casement windows but even they don’t last forever and will eventually need replacing. It might not be for years, or even decades, but there are several warning signs to watch out for.

Dents And Cracks

Aluminium casement windows are inherently strong and durable. It takes a lot to damage them and they can resist severe weather and unwanted intruders alike. That’s why if you spot a dent or crack, it could be a hint of something serious. In the best-case scenario, it’ll just be superficial but in the worst, it could be a sign of the structural integrity starting to degrade.

Difficulty Closing

When you close a casement window, it should slide smoothly into place without trouble. So, if you have difficulty shutting one, it could be a bad sign. The good news is that it’s more likely to be because something is caught in it, so check that there are no twigs, pennies or other small objects lodged in there. However, if that’s not the case and lubricating the mechanisms doesn’t help, it could be an early sign of the window degrading.


One of the golden rules of maintaining your windows is to never ignore draughts. There’s no clearer hint of a damaged or misaligned window than a breeze getting in. If your window is shut and you can feel the wind on your neck, then something’s gone wrong. The weatherproof seal might have come loose, or there may be damage to the glass.

This can be a serious problem. It means the thermal efficiency of the window has been compromised and it’s not retaining heat. It’ll be harder to maintain a comfortable temperature in your house and your energy bills will increase, especially during the winter months. So while it might be irritating, replacing your casement windows will save you money in the long run.

Fading Colour

Fading colour isn’t really a problem for our aluminium casement windows. They’re powder coated for exceptional, long-lasting colour and they’ll retain their stylish, eye-catching looks for years. However, if you have an older set of windows or bought them from an alternative company, watch out for the paint fading.

Traditionally painted windows aren’t as durable as powder-coated ones, and over time, will fade. Prolonged exposure to the elements can see them turning dull and while this isn’t necessarily a big issue, it will give you some idea of how your windows are ageing. Plus, if your windows don’t look as attractive, it can negatively impact your kerb appeal and property value.

In other words, keep your eyes open and pay attention to how your windows look and perform. If you want the finest aluminium casement windows on the market though, get in touch with AluFold Direct. Start by getting a replacement windows online quote or contact us today.