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Which Windows Offer Slimline Profiles?

31 July, 2023

We love slimline windows here at AluFold. The thinner the frame, the wider the glazing and this makes a noticeable difference. More glass means more sunlight coming in, so modern slimline windows can help to brighten up the home. This might seem like an exaggeration, but anyone that’s gone to the trouble of replacing an old window with a slimline one will know what we’re talking about.

We’ve been asked several times which of our windows come with slim profiles and thought we’d clear it up. In short, all of them! Whether you’re interested in our flush casement windows, a versatile tilt-and-turn window or even a grandiose set of gable end windows, they all have slender frames.

The Advantage Of Aluminium

The reason we can offer this is all down to the aluminium. It’s one of the strongest metals available and comparable to steel for its load-bearing properties. Crucially though, it’s also comparatively lightweight. Aluminium windows put less strain on the buildings they’re installed in, so we can afford to put more glass in them without compromising the stability.

For many people, this extra glazing is the biggest selling point for aluminium windows. Research has shown that natural light is a mood enhancer, so the abundance of natural light not only makes each room feel larger, it does wonders for your mental health. So even in the winter months when it might be too cold to go outside, with slimline windows, you can enjoy all the winter sunlight from the comfort of your own home.

Better Views

In comparison with traditional windows, slimline aluminium ones offer superior external views. The extra glass makes the view feel seamless and unbroken and can help the outside world feel closer. Our clients often state that sitting at home and gazing out onto gardens and the surrounding countryside is one of the most enjoyable side effects of buying our slimline windows.

Additionally, slimline windows are comparatively easy to install. There is no fiddly joinery involved that you sometimes get with wooden window frames, so while the cost of the window itself is usually higher than alternatives like UPVC, the installation prices won’t push the price up too high. This makes them more attractive to homeowners, but trade professionals will benefit too. You’ll get things done quickly and efficiently and be saved a lot of trouble.

For these reasons and more, slimline aluminium windows are the best on the market. They’re versatile too; they can be customised to suit anything from a traditional home to a sleek, contemporary new build.

So if you’re interested in replacement windows, AluFold can help. We pride ourselves on exceptional products, so why not get in touch today? Contact us or request a quote today to find out more and treat your home to slimline windows.