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Why Choose Black Metal Windows?

31 May, 2023

When you get new windows from AluFold, you’ll have an extensive range of colours to choose from. We’ve had customers ask for everything from vibrant yellows to subtle greys, and we’ve also noticed that greens are very popular at the moment too. If there’s one colour we can absolutely rely on to never go out of style though, it’s black.

Black metal windows have been popular with homeowners for decades now. For good reason too; black is surprisingly versatile and can enhance the aesthetic of a house. Here’s why it’s worth choosing black windows.

Stylish, Sophisticated Windows

Black aluminium windows can be incredibly attractive. The combination of smooth metal surfaces and darker colours lends a home a modern vibe. It’s a very distinctive colour and contrasts well with lighter shades, especially white. Installing black windows in a white house adds instant kerb appeal.

Black is ideal if you live in a new build with a contemporary style, but it works remarkably well in older houses too. Traditional or heritage homes often have black windows and if you’re looking for an upgrade, aluminium windows are perfect. They give superior thermal insulation and better security than older window types, but can also be modified to match the existing decor.

This will be very good news if you live in an old-fashioned house and want to eliminate draughts without compromising your current look. Vintage homes have a certain charm to them and aluminium windows can help you retain that, while also keeping the severe weather at bay.

interior view of a black window in a white house

Further Benefits

It’s also worth noting that black windows require less cleaning. Dirt isn’t as noticeable as it is on lighter coloured windows and can be easily overlooked. When they do require cleaning though, it’s remarkably simple. You only need a bucket of warm soapy water, a sponge and a spare hour one weekend and you’ll get them sparkling.

Lastly, black windows never go out of fashion. We’ve been working with aluminium windows for a long time, but while other colours ebb and flow in popularity, black has always been popular. Whether it’s a cutting-edge modern house or an older building with plenty of character, you can be sure that black windows won’t look out of place.

If this article has left you feeling inspired, why not get in touch with AluFold today? You can request a free online quote today, or email to find out more about our aluminium windows. Get in touch today and see how we can assist with your next building project.