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French Doors Vs Patio Doors: Which Is More Secure?


We love French doors and patio doors here at AluFold. Whichever one you choose, they’re the ideal way to transform a house and make it feel closer to nature. Whether the doors open outwards from the middle or slide into place, they’ll add a touch of quiet charm to a property and increase the kerb appeal.

However, we’ve noticed that many homeowners are concerned about whether these doors might jeopardise their safety. They worry that because so much of the surface area consists of glass, they might be weak points for potential burglars to exploit. But is there any truth to this? And is one type of door more secure than the other?

Patio Doors, French Doors, And Home Security

Let’s start by putting your minds at rest; your French doors and patio doors are not weaknesses. They might have a certain elegance, but they’re not flimsy, fragile things that a determined intruder could kick in. At AluFold, we make ours with aluminium which is so strong it could rival steel and will turn away even the most determined intruder. But if your doors are made of uPVC or timber, don’t panic. They should still be pretty sturdy and resistant to break-ins. They won’t withstand as much force as aluminium but if they’re in good condition, should still keep your home secure.

What about the glass though? Surely that’s not as safe? Well, cast all those mental images of bricks smashing windows into a thousand pieces aside. The majority of modern patio doors and French doors are fitted with double glazing as standard, which is far stronger than single pane glass. The space between the panes acts as a shock absorber and most double glazing is treated to be tougher. It is still possible to break, but it takes a remarkable amount of effort. If you wish, it can be given a laminate upgrade too, which means it won’t shatter into pieces if it does break, but instead, hold together in a similar fashion as a car windscreen.

Locking Mechanisms

Okay, so the glass and the frame are nothing to be concerned about, but let’s not forget the locks. You may have mental images of a black-clad thief, skillfully picking the lock in the darkness of night using an array of sophisticated tools. What happens in that situation?

Let’s just say, the scoundrel will be there until the sun comes up. We make sure to keep up to date with all the latest technological developments, so the locks will be safe. Whether you opt for a French door or patio door, it’ll be fitted with a concealed multi-point locking system that has PAS 24 certification and is made to the highest standards. Our doors are made to resist elaborate break-ins and all meet the current Secured By Design requirements for complete peace of mind.

But when it comes down to it, which is safer: a French door or a patio door? We can’t speak for the products offered by other companies, but at AluFold, you’re getting complete security with both of them.

If you’d like to know more, we recommend contacting us. We have plenty of experts on hand who can assist with your next sliding door or French project. Alternatively, why not request a quote? We can’t wait to hear from you.