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Guide To Bifold Door Components


What’s the first thing you think of when imagining a bifold door? We’d hazard a guess that it’s the glass and the frame. Bifold doors are defined by their wide glazing areas and stylish profiles, but there are a few other things which often go overlooked. Bifold door accessories are easy to miss, but they’re unsung heroes so we thought we’d take a closer look at them.

These are all the smaller, less noticeable parts of the door that are often taken for granted but play a vitally important role. And if you have an understanding of what they all do, it can help you figure out if something is amiss. So without further ado, here is the AluFold guide to bifold door components. Read on to learn more.

The Track

You could make a very compelling argument for the track being the most important part of a bifold door. It’s the channel that the door runs along, so whenever you slide your bifold doors open or shut, you’re relying on the track. If it becomes clogged, damaged or misaligned, it won’t work properly.

If you notice your door catching, the track is the first place to check. Ours are made with aluminium so are inherently tough and long-lasting, so you shouldn’t experience any issues with them. It’s worth lubricating them occasionally, but you’re unlikely to experience setbacks unless an external object gets jammed in them.

The Hinges

Bifold door hinges have to be very high quality as they handle multiple functions. They allow you to open each panel of the door independently, as well as hold them all together and support the pivot pins. The hinges have to withstand repeated use and poor-quality ones can have a detrimental effect on the frame and track.

All of our hinges are designed for their strength and durability. Every time your door opens smoothly and effortlessly, the hinges play an important part. Like the tracks, they might require lubricating with a silicone-based spray occasionally but are generally low-maintenance.

The Pivot Rods

These are two short rods connected to the carriage and the door hinges. They’re rarely noticed but if it weren’t for them, your bifold doors wouldn’t work at all. The pivots enable each door leaf to fold back on itself when you open them and they’re essential to it running smoothly.

For the most part, you don’t need to worry about the pivot rods. They can handle the stresses of regular use and support the weight of the frame. Poorer quality pivot rods can degrade over time, but here at AluFold they’re built to last and won’t require any special care.

The Lock And Handle

Strictly speaking, these are two accessories but they’re found in the same place and work together so we’ll cover both at the same time. Your lock and handle will have had a lot of effort put into them as they have to reach modern security standards. We use concealed multi-point locking systems in our doors that meet Secured By Design requirements for complete peace of mind. They’ll keep unwanted intruders out and your home and valuables will stay safe.

The handle is also a good opportunity to add a touch of personality to your door. You can choose from a spring-loaded ‘T’ handle or a Hoppe Atlanta level door handle, both of which have a subtle sophistication about them. Like the other components, they can also withstand repeat use and last for years.

The Catch Kit

Lastly, there’s the catch kit. This is the device which holds the doors together against the wall and means you don’t have to be concerned with it sliding along the track when open. They have to be strong enough to hold the full weight of the doors and are usually fitted with a stopper to prevent them from colliding with the wall.

Catch kits don’t get a lot of attention but if you want some idea of how important they are, try opening your bifold doors and not securing them. You’ll soon get tired of pushing them back into place every time the wind blows. Now imagine that happening when hosting a social event.

All of these components play their part in ensuring the continued functionality of your doors. They’re not big or flashy, but each of them has a role to play. They’re included in all AluFold bifold doors, so if you’re intrigued, why not contact us? We’d be more than happy to work on your next aluminium bifold doors project with you.