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How To Measure For New French Doors


When looking for new French doors, it’s easy to get intimidated if you’re not a DIY enthusiast. We all know someone that can get anxious when working on their home and we’d be lying if we said it hadn’t happened to everyone at some point. The choice of door designs, materials and more can be overwhelming.

One area where people tend to get nervous is when providing measurements. To be fair, there’s a good reason for this. Making an error when measuring for new doors can result in complications and delays, so people understandably feel a lot of pressure. At AluFold Direct, we’ve long lost track of how many entranceways we’ve measured, so here’s what you need to do.

Measuring For Replacement French Doors

If you’re even the slightest bit anxious about getting the measurements right, we recommend having a friend with you when you do it. This might sound patronising and unnecessary, but having someone else present to double-check the figures can prevent a lot of hassle. They can also hold one end of the tape measure in place and stop it slipping.

The actual task of measuring is relatively straightforward. First, measure the width of the opening and then the height. Add one inch to each of them to account for the frame and that’s it, you’ll have the required figures for your new French doors. Double-check it to make sure you’ve recorded them accurately and you’ll be ready to order your new French doors.

Making An Entranceway

The above explanation is based on replacing existing French doors, but what if you’re installing them in a brand new entranceway? It’s a relatively similar process but there is a difference. If you’re planning to make a gap in a brick wall for new French doors, you’ll need to be more careful; the space will exist in theory but not in practice so it’s easier to make a mistake.

For this scenario, you’ll have to consider what size French door you want. The most popular size is 36 inches, but 48 and 60-inch French doors are common too. If you’re looking for an entrance larger than nine feet, you’ll have to speak with an expert before committing to anything and make sure it’s possible. Examine the space where you want the doors to go, measure it and check your chosen size will fit.

Taking measurements for a new set of French doors isn’t too difficult and providing you do it carefully and methodically, you’re unlikely to make a mistake. In some respects, it’s quite exciting too. When you get a tape measure out of a drawer and start sizing up the space for your French doors, it can feel like the first step and that your project is in motion. Things start moving and you’ll have a pristine set of aluminium French doors before you know it.

If you’ve got any questions, you are welcome to get in touch and speak with our experts. You can contact us and we’ll be happy to talk. Alternatively, if you already have a project in mind, why not request a quote? We can’t wait to work with you.