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Made To Measure Bifold Doors


Bifold doors have long been a popular installation in UK homes. They’re ideal for anyone looking to create an attractive entrance to their garden or patio and can increase the value of your property. Here at AluFold, we’re extremely proud of our range of aluminium bifold doors. They can be widely customised for personal tastes and adapted for different sizes too. These are just some of the benefits of made-to-measure bifold doors.

Custom Sized Bifold Doors

Here in the UK, the average bifold door is between five and seven feet wide. Most of them have three panels, but four-panel bifolds are also popular. This doesn’t mean you have to get them within these sizes or configurations though. If you’ve got a wider entranceway, or if you’re interested in corner bifold doors, we can create a bespoke installation that’s just right.

Our expert staff have the knowledge and experience required to accurately scale your doors. The maximum available sash height and width is 2400mm by 1200mm, which is roughly equivalent to eight feet. This means they’ll make a grand entrance for larger gardens, so if you’re hosting a summer party, they’ll be ample room for your guests to mingle.

Smaller Bifold Doors

That said, this doesn’t mean that bifold doors can only be used for wider spaces. They can also be used for smaller entrances so if you live in a compact bungalow, you can enjoy them just as much as someone who owns a manor house.

The smallest configuration we’d recommend would be 55 inches wide and consist of two individual panels. Doors smaller than this are prone to jamming and we’d advise against installing them. These bifold doors are blessed with all the benefits of their larger cousins and in our opinion, are just as stylish and attractive.

Because our complete range of bifold doors are made with aluminium, we can fit them with minimal sightlines and increase their glazing area. This allows extra light into the house, so even a smaller door can have a very positive impact. A brighter home feels warmer and airier and this can do wonders for your everyday mental health.

In other words, whether you’re looking for a compact and subtle doorway or something more dramatic, AluFold are happy to assist. We’ll pay close attention to your requirements and help you design the perfect aluminium bifold doors for you. Request an online quote or contact us today, and let’s see what we can come up with together.