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Stop Draughts By Adjusting French Doors


French doors are a wonderful addition to your home. On rare occasions though, they might need checking and readjusting, especially if you notice a draught coming from them. Here at AluFold, we’re proud of our high-quality workmanship and are confident you won’t need any of the advice on this page. However, in the unlikely event that you notice a cold, distracting breeze coming into your home, here is how to adjust French doors to stop draughts.

Why Do My Doors Need Adjusting?

There are several reasons why French doors might need to be adjusted. Like all home installations, they’re prone to wear and tear. You might get small gaps in the sealing or they might come out of alignment. And while it’s rare, an installer might make a small error that isn’t noticed.

Older types of French doors made of timber might also warp due to the weather conditions. Luckily, this isn’t a problem with modern aluminium doors so if you still have wooden doors installed, we recommend giving them an upgrade.

How To Adjust French Doors

Thankfully, fixing draughty French doors isn’t much of a problem. We believe that hiring a professional repairman is the best option, but if you’re strapped for cash or you’re an enthusiastic DIY fan, it can be done relatively quickly. You’ll need a screwdriver and an Allen key, and we’d also recommend making it a two-person job. This isn’t mandatory, but having two people present can make adjusting French doors easier.

Start by checking the hinges on the doors and tightening the screws. Loose hinge screws are the most common cause of sagging or misaligned doors, but they can be fixed with a few twists of a screwdriver. Once you’ve done this, close the doors and see if they’re aligned properly. Just be careful not to over-tighten the screws or you’ll risk damaging the frame.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, inspect the weather seal on the door. You should be able to spot any holes in it. It’s then a simple case of stripping the existing seal off and replacing it with a new one. You can pick up a new piece at most home improvement stores and it’s quite simple to slide into place. Make sure you measure how long it is first and cut the new one to the exact size, guessing will only cause problems.

These fixes can be done without any in-depth DIY knowledge and provided you don’t rush yourself, won’t take more than an hour. If you notice a draught coming through your French doors, set aside some time on a quiet Sunday afternoon and you’ll soon get it fixed. But don’t be afraid to ring a handyman if you try everything and the breeze is still coming in.

Here at AluFold, we build our weatherproof French doors to be exceptionally reliable. If you’re working on a home improvement project and are looking for the best aluminium French doors, your search is over. You can request a free online quote today, or email us at to find out more.