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Here at AluFold Direct, we’re nearing the end of a major investment in a new factory, new machinery, new software and a new management team.

All designed to ensure that we can massively increase capacity to keep up with industry demand, all whilst maintaining the outstanding quality levels and industry-leading lead times we've become famous for.

During the pandemic we began a huge transformation across our entire operation.

The result is a cutting edge, industrial scale manufacturing facility, capable of delivering consistent, highly repeatable precision outputs in windows, doors and rooflights.

With huge capacity to grow as demand increases and our customers expand.

Unlike most aluminium fabricators who put multiple products down the same assembly lines and accept the limitations that puts on speed and volumes, we've purpose built three dedicated high-speed lines.

Each with their own top of the range cutting and machining centres, as well as fully automated four head crimpers to give the ultimate finish to all of our aluminium products.

Not all the investment across the business has been in the physical space, we’ve also began vastly improving our digital infrastructure too.

From our market leading instant quote tool, which delivers instant quotes direct to your inbox 24/7. To our order tracking software which will give us much better visibility through the full order lifecycle from quote to delivery.

And, through our new, expanded team we've brought in substantial experience and expertise to AluFold Direct ensuring that we have the essential skills right across the business to guarantee best practice processes are being implemented throughout.

Resulting in our customers getting the highest quality products, in the quickest of industry lead-times, on a never seen before scale. It's with great pride for me to welcome you to the new Alufold Direct, here's to a very exciting future for all!

Russell Yates
Managing Director