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Are Roof Lanterns Noisy When It Rains?


One of the most common questions we get is how noisy roof lanterns can be. After all, they’ve got wide, glazed surfaces so it stands to reason they must be pretty loud, right? And if the heavens open and the rains come down, they must be deafening? The answer may surprise you. Yes, roof lanterns can be noisy when it rains, but they’re nowhere near as loud as you might think.

Roof Lanterns In The Rain

Here in the UK, rain is a constant part of life and we can’t rule out massive downpours, even in the height of summer. If you get a roof lantern installed, you’ll certainly be able to hear the rain, but it won’t be so loud as to be unbearable. In fact, depending on your outlook, it could be quite the opposite.

Now, it goes without saying that rain is louder on a glass roof than on a tiled one. However, thanks to advances in glazing technology, excessive noise is no longer a problem. For example, all of our roof lanterns come with double glazing as standard, and the gaps between panes help reduce the noise. They’re also firmly fitted with tight seals, which cuts it down even further. And despite the frames being aluminium, don’t worry, even the slimline ones can effectively absorb rain noise.

Noise Reduction

We understand the concerns around roof lanterns and rain noise, especially when you consider some of the storm-lashed summers we’ve experienced. However, if you’re worried that rain hitting one will be akin to hailstones on a tin roof, don’t be. You’ll still be able to watch TV and hold conversations without any difficulties. The rain will form a light background noise rather than a deafening roar.

In some cases, this can actually be a big selling point. Sitting beneath a roof lantern, watching the water stream down it while you stay dry can be remarkably pleasant. That soft drumming noise of the droplets can be surprisingly relaxing too.

So, if you’re interested in a new roof lantern installation, you’ve come to the right place. Request a free online quote today, or email us at to find out more. And rest assured, even in the most horrendous downpour, your home won’t be too loud.