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How Heavy Is A Roof Lantern?


Roof lanterns have been used on buildings for centuries and for good reason. They’re one of the best ways to maximise the amount of sunlight that enters your home, as well as being attractive and stylish installations. Some homeowners worry that they might be too heavy, but we’re happy to confirm that’s not the case.

The Weight Of A Roof Lantern

Understandably, people might worry about the weight of a roof lantern. They’re big and sturdy and made of aluminium, so it’s natural to assume they must be dangerously heavy. Luckily though, looks can be deceiving.

The average weight of a roof lantern is usually in the region of 42 to 60 kgs per square metre. If you go for an upgraded triple-glazed roof lantern, this rises to 60 to 80 kgs per square metre. There will inevitably be fluctuations in each individual project, but we’ve noticed that most roof lanterns fall into this weight category. This is still heavy, and we certainly wouldn’t recommend trying to lift one on your own, but it’s well within the safe load-bearing capacity of most houses.

Slimline, Lightweight Metal

The reason why roof lanterns aren’t as heavy as they look is because of the material. We make ours from aluminium, which is an incredibly strong but comparatively lightweight metal. It’s second only to steel in terms of strength, but weighs less and doesn’t put as much strain on the structure of a house.

Aluminium is also deceptively durable. It can withstand break-in attempts and severe weather, so won’t sacrifice safety for the sake of being lighter. Choose an aluminium roof lantern and you’ll get a secure new installation, and there’s no risk of it making the ceiling fall in.

Here at Alufold, we’re very proud of our range of roof lanterns and skylights. If you’re looking for a striking new addition to your home, a roof lantern could be just the thing.

If you’re interested in aluminium roof lanterns, we can help you every step of the way. Request a free online quote today, or email us at to find out more.