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How Much Do Roof Lantern Blinds Cost?


Once you’ve got your new roof lantern installed, you’ll enjoy extra sunlight and a brighter home. As nice as it is though, there will inevitably be occasions when it’s too bright. You’ll need some kind of shading for when you want to watch TV or read a novel without being dazzled.

Due to their unique shape and position, you can’t hang curtains on a roof lantern, but window blinds are a good alternative. But how much do roof lantern blinds cost? The good news is that they’re priced more reasonably than you might expect. Here’s our rough guide.

Roof Lantern Blind Prices

Several factors influence the total cost, but Checkatrade gives an average figure of £1050 to £3300 for the blind itself. If you decide to go for motorised blinds, the figure increases to £2790 for smaller lanterns and £9150 for larger ones.

If you’re wincing reading that, it’s understandable. Once you’ve splashed out on a roof lantern, discovering that you’ll potentially have to spend thousands more on shading must be frustrating. However, it’s worth bearing in mind what’s included in the price.

The Long-Term Benefits

Roof lantern blinds have multiple benefits, not all of which are immediately obvious. Besides giving you greater control over the light levels, they also improve the thermal efficiency of your home. Roof lanterns are designed to minimise heat loss, but blinds make them even better. When closed, they function almost like a third layer of glazing and prevent heat from escaping.

This means the initial cost is offset by the long-term savings on your energy bills. Lantern roof blinds also increase the value of a home. This is a bit more intangible, but just imagine you’re looking for a new house and visit one that has a roof lantern installed. Is it more appealing with a set of motorised blinds or completely bare? We’re willing to bet it’s the former.

Lantern roof blinds might seem like an extravagance, but they can do wonders. They do tend to be more expensive than regular window blinds, but they’re less convenient to install. Factors like the location of your house and the type of fabric you want can also impact the price.

That said, it’s worth thinking of your blinds as an investment. Over time, you’ll make savings that justify the initial cost. If you’d like to know more, you are welcome to contact us. You can email us at or call 01706 260 700 today.