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How Much Do Roof Lanterns Cost?


Here at AluFold, we’re proud of our roof lanterns. They’re a great way to maximise light in your house without compromising on energy efficiency or security. They’re stylish and modern installations and can increase the value of a home too. We’ve recommended them to people from all walks of life and one thing we’re often asked about is the price.

This is understandable. We’re all human and much as we might pretend otherwise, the asking price is often a deciding factor in whether or not to make a purchase. So, how much do roof lanterns cost? And are they worth it?

Comparing Roof Lantern Prices

For the sake of transparency, we’ll be referring to Checkatrade for the following figures. They’ve considered multiple factors and concluded that in 2023, the average aluminium roof lantern installation costs around £2,400 to £10,000. This is influenced by things like the size of the lantern and the project location. For example, if you live in a remote part of Cornwall and the installation team have to travel for hours to reach you, the cost will almost certainly be higher than if you live in a more accessible area.

It’s also worth noting what the condition of the roof is like. If there is any existing damage to the structure, it will need to be repaired before the lantern can be put in place. On the other hand, if the lantern is going to be part of a brand-new extension, it's wise to consider it as part of the overall budget.

Aluminium Roof Lantern Add-Ons

The figure can also be higher if there are any optional extras included. For instance, trickle vents are becoming more popular and not just for regular windows, they can be added to roof lanterns as well. They’re a subtle way to control airflow and reduce the risk of condensation, but they can add an additional £50 to £150 per vent.

Your customers can also choose sophisticated gadgets like automatic openers, but again these will raise the budget. They can cost about £750 to £1000, but they do make it easier to operate a new roof lantern.

Lastly, there’s the glass. The majority of roof lanterns on the UK market come fitted with double glazing, but there are other options. Homeowners can upgrade to triple glazing or choose toughened safety glass. Tinted glass is another possibility, but this is often the same price as clear glass.

Budgeting For A Roof Lantern

As you can see, installing a new aluminium roof lantern can be expensive. It’s perfectly natural to wince a bit when you first see the itemised bill, but we would argue that it’s worth it in the long run. A roof lantern might cost a lot, but it’s also likely to raise the value of a property and reduce household energy bills. Roof lanterns are a long-term investment after all.

If you’re working on a new project and are looking for the best roof lanterns or skylights on the market, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you every step of the way. Contact us or request a quote today to find out more.