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Installing LED Strip Lights On A Roof Lantern


We love roof lanterns here at AluFold. They’re great for maximising the light levels and brightening up your home. Plus, they look incredible. They’re dramatic architectural features that can transform a house and make a powerful design statement. If you’ve got an extension or flat-roofed home, we can’t recommend roof lanterns enough.

They’re eye-catching on their own, but do you know one way of making them even more appealing? By installing LED strip lights on them. This isn’t something we offer at AluFold, but we wanted to draw attention to it anyway. It’s a nice finishing touch on your new roof lantern.

LED Roof Lights

Installing LEDs in your roof lantern or skylight is relatively straightforward. It’s basically what it says on the tin; placing a strip of LED bulbs around the inside of the frame. They’re usually fitted to the upstand and form a rectangle of extra lighting on the underside.

Why do this? Extra light of course. Roof lanterns are designed to capture the sun’s rays and bring them into the house from as many angles as possible and at night they give uninterrupted views of the sky above. Relaxing in your favourite armchair and looking up at the stars is a wonderful way to unwind. However, if you’re not ready to let the light fade as the sun dips below the horizon, LED lights can help prolong your day.

Colour Choices

The classic approach is to fit regular LEDs around the edges of the lantern. This is perfect for extending the evening, especially if you’re hosting a social event. A rectangle of LED light around the darkness of the night does wonders for the atmosphere, but you’re not limited to regular lights. Most LED installers offer a wide choice of colours, and there’s no reason you couldn’t outline your skylight with a beautiful array of purples and blues and greens. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even opt for colour-changing lights.

This isn’t a vital part of a roof lantern project, but it is a delightful extra touch that’s worth looking into. It can give it a futuristic air or remind visitors of old-school nightclubs, or add a small touch of vibrancy that changes the mood of a room. If you’ve got any of your budget left over once the roof lantern is installed, we can highly recommend it. Have a search online and see what you can turn up.

Of course, you’ll need a roof lantern before you even think about installing lights in it, and that’s where we come in. At AluFold, we have years of experience working with overhead glazing and we’re happy to answer any questions you might have. So, why not contact us or request a quote today? We can’t wait to hear from you.