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Removing Flies From Roof Lanterns


Anyone that’s ever owned an extension with lots of glazing will know how irritating flies can be. Insects seem to have a near-limitless ability to get stuck in conservatories, garden rooms and attic extensions, especially in the warmer months when we fling the windows open. Homes with roof lanterns are sadly not an exception.

Here at AluFold, we’ve been working with roof lanterns for years and have first-hand experience in dealing with flies. We’re not pest control experts by any means, but we have picked up a few helpful ideas for reducing the number of unwanted guests. Want to keep bugs out of your roof lantern? Here are a few tips you can try.

Insect Screens And Nets

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of fly screens. They’re extremely popular in America, especially in the warmer southern states, and for good reason too. Modern fly screens are fine, discreet and very effective. They’re mainly used for regular windows, but they can be adapted for use in roof lanterns as well.

Try searching online for your nearest fly screen company and don’t worry about it making your roof lantern unsightly. They’re far less noticeable than you might think and once they’ve been in place for a while, you could easily forget they’re there. They don’t hinder ventilation either but will keep wasps, mosquitos and all manner of creepy crawlies out. And if you want a cheaper alternative, simply attaching a net over the lantern will also work (albeit less discreetly).

Light Traps

Light traps are commonly used in bars and restaurants for keeping insects away from food, but they can be installed in homes too. Commonly known as ‘bug zappers,’ they emit UV light that attracts bugs and then traps them. If you have any in your home they won’t be buzzing around the glass and irritating people. You can find reasonably priced light traps online so they’re worth looking into.

Bug Repellent Spray

You can’t really go wrong with insect repellent. You can try spraying your roof lantern before opening it and this will deter bugs from entering your house. You can also find insect-repelling candles and gels quite easily, so if you hate the smell of the spray these will be a good alternative.

Keep The House Clean

Lastly, we can’t understate the importance of keeping your house clean. Flies are attracted to rubbish and leftover food, so keeping your living space tidy will deter them from entering your home. They’re remarkably good at detecting half-eaten snacks so if you want fewer insects flying in, try to get into the habit of cleaning regularly.

Sadly, there is no guaranteed way to stop all insects from flying into your house, but each of these steps will reduce their numbers. There will still be times when you find a trapped wasp repeatedly butting its head against the glass, but fly screens, cleaner houses and a can of repellent should help.

With a bit of luck, you’ll get fewer insects stuck in your roof lantern this summer. And if you want some help on your next roof lantern project, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us or request a quote today to find out more.