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What Are The Best Roof Lanterns?


Roof lanterns are perfect for channelling light into your home. They’ll brighten up your house and are a stylish, modern installation. But, what are the best ones? There are several types of roof lanterns available and while the basic design is similar for all of them, there are subtle variations. Here’s our brief guide to some of our favourites.

Pyramid Roof Lanterns

This one is a classic. Pyramid roof lanterns are square-based glass structures and an excellent alternative to larger, rectangular ones. They’re slightly more compact and ideal for smaller roofs.

Slimline Roof Lanterns

Slimline roof lanterns are another popular choice. As the name suggests, they’re not as wide as other roof lanterns, but they’re still sturdy and reliable constructions. They have a very contemporary look and because of their narrower dimensions, it’s sometimes possible to have two or more fitted on the same roof.

Traditional Roof Lanterns

You can’t really go wrong with a traditional roof lantern. They can be customised with different cresting finishes, and look terrific on older or heritage homes. They’ve got a distinctive Victorian character about them and stand out from more modern designs.


This last one isn’t strictly a roof lantern, but we’ll include it here as they’re very similar. Skylights are the smaller, flatter counterparts to roof lanterns and resemble more typical windows. They don’t allow in as much light but have the advantage of being more versatile. Skylights can be installed on sloping roofs as well as flat ones, so are a good choice for attic extensions.

Here at Alufold, we’re very proud of our range of roof lanterns and skylights. If you’re looking for a striking new addition to your home, a roof lantern could be just the thing.

If you’re interested in aluminium roof lanterns, we can help you every step of the way. Request a free online quote today, or email us at to find out more.