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Benefits Of Slimline Aluminium Windows


If you’re thinking about giving your house an upgrade, we would highly recommend slimline aluminium windows. These modern installations are perfect for giving your home a makeover, and whether you’re getting new windows put in or replacing your existing ones, aluminium windows should be top of the list.

Here at AluFold, we’ve got years of experience working with windows. We can state with full confidence that aluminium windows are the best ones on the market. Why? Here’s why.

More Light

As the name suggests, slimline windows have thinner frames and more glazing. As a result, they let more light in and can brighten up your living space. Even on more overcast days, your house will seem airier. All that glass also means wider, unrestricted views of the outside world. Want a good look at your garden while prepping dinner? Aluminium windows are just the thing.

Strength And Durability

One side effect of the extra glazing is that people sometimes assume slimline windows aren’t as strong as the alternatives. We can happily confirm this isn’t true. We make ours with aluminium, which is renowned for being an incredibly tough metal. Aluminium can withstand unwanted intruders and severe weather with no trouble, but it’s also comparatively lightweight. Aluminium windows put less strain on the body of the house, and when fitted with double glazing are incredibly difficult to break into.

Less Maintenance

On a similar note, aluminium windows also need less ongoing maintenance. Aside from cleaning them occasionally, you can pretty much leave them alone. Aluminium won’t crack or warp like timber and as they’re powder coated, the paint won’t fade or peel either. If you’re fed up with having to call a handyman out to repair your windows every summer, these are the perfect solution.

Energy Efficiency

We’ve covered this point numerous times but it’s always worth repeating; slimline aluminium windows deliver exceptional thermal performance. When fitted with double glazing, they’ll make it easier to manage your household temperatures. They have low u-values and will keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer. Your carbon footprint and energy bills will drop, and your house will be more comfortable too.

Contemporary Aesthetics

This last point is a bit more superficial, but we can’t understate how good they look. Slimline aluminium windows have a smooth, industrial finish that’s stylish and modern. They’ll enhance your home’s kerb appeal and while it’s impossible to put an exact figure on it, will drive up your property value.

For all these reasons and more, slimline aluminium windows can benefit your home. If your house needs a facelift and you want to consider your options, we can help every step of the way. Why not contact us today and find out what we can do for you?