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Can You Paint Aluminium Windows?


Here at AluFold Direct, we pride ourselves on making bespoke products. We have a huge range of colour options available and if you want a new set of metal windows, you can get them in anything from the RAL or British Standard Colour charts. Looking to turn heads with some eye-catching yellow windows? We can help.

But what if you change your mind? People’s tastes change and as our windows are built to last, they’ll be in place for years to come. Your favourite colour might change and what looked amazing when you were 35, might be off-putting when you’re 50. Can you repaint aluminium windows?

Painting Metal Windows

While it certainly is possible, we recommend against re-painting your windows. The reason for this is that all of ours aren’t painted, they’re powder-coated. This is a process whereby instead of using the old reliable brush and paint pot, dry powder is applied electrostatically with the metal frame. Once it’s been coated, the aluminium is exposed to intense heat which turns the powder into a slick layer that adheres to it.

This results in incredibly durable coloured windows that are more resistant to scratches, fading, or peeling. Powder-coated windows will eventually lose their lustre, but it takes significantly longer than traditional painted ones. This process has tremendous benefits for the lifespan and aesthetics of windows, but it also means that changing the colour is more complicated.

Can You Just Paint Over Them?

But if they’re so tough, why not just buy a tub of your preferred colour and paint the windows by hand? Surely, if the powder coating is so good, it won’t be affected and it’s simply a case of layering a new colour over the top? Well theoretically you could, but we’d encourage you not to.

Why? Well, the fresh coat wouldn’t last long and you’d just be wasting your time. Powder coating results in a smooth surface and fresh paint won’t properly adhere to it. You might briefly feel pleased with the new look, but it wouldn’t be long before it all peels away and they’re back to their previous colour. It doesn’t matter how good quality the new paint is, it won’t last.

If you are determined to change the colour of your windows though, there are still options. There are professional services out there that can do it, but as always there are cost implications. Changing powder-coated windows is a complicated process and can be expensive, but if you’re dead set on doing it, it is possible.

That being said, we’ve worked on hundreds of projects here at AluFold and rarely encounter people who want a repaint. Most of our clients and customers have been more than satisfied with powder coating. They have great-looking windows that are built to last and can withstand anything that Mother Nature throws at them. If you don’t want your windows to fade in direct sunlight or peel after a few years, we can help.

If you have any questions, we’re happy to answer them. We proudly work alongside architects, builders and all trade professionals and have a wealth of knowledge to share. Contact us today or request a free quote online. We can’t wait to work with you.