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How Much More Expensive Are Aluminium Windows?


There are multiple reasons to consider installing aluminium windows. However, despite the advantages in thermal efficiency, security and style, some people don’t consider them and instead opt for uPVC. The main reason is usually the cost.

There’s an assumption that aluminium windows are more expensive than other types. It is true that they cost more, but the price difference is not as vast as you might think. Is aluminium expensive? Let's take a closer look.

The Price Difference

Prices vary depending on multiple factors, but as a rough ballpark figure, aluminium windows are about £150 more than uPVC ones. This is because it’s a better quality material that costs more to produce. That doesn’t mean you should discount uPVC entirely; if you’re working with a tighter budget, it’s still a worthwhile choice. We don’t work with uPVC ourselves, but we can acknowledge that it’s a decent material and makes great windows.

The Advantages Of Aluminium Windows

That said, we still firmly believe that aluminium is the superior choice. The upfront price tag of uPVC might be lower, but in all other aspects, aluminium outperforms it. Aluminium has a longer lifespan, is resistant to warping, is more eco-friendly, and offers a high degree of security. Plus, you’ll make up the price gap in the long run with savings on your energy bills. Metal windows might have a higher asking price, but if you can afford the extra strain on your wallet, it’s well worth it.

For all these reasons, we’d recommend that homeowners consider aluminium when shopping for new windows. Here at AluFold, we’ve got a wide range of styles and configurations available and offer competitive window prices. You can request a free online quote today or email us at to find out more.