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Need advice? Call our order support line: 01706 260700

Introducing The New Heritage Doors And Frames Collection

8 August, 2023

We are very pleased to announce a new product. Today, we say hello to the Heritage Doors And Frames collection. These stunning new doors are sure to transform your next project and whether you’re redesigning an office or renovating a home, these doors will make a big difference.

Our Heritage doors come in two separate designs; SD70 systems for exterior doors and ID30 systems for internal use. They are based on classic steel door designs but with the lightweight properties of industrial aluminium. The Heritage collection is a welcome addition to the AluFold Direct product line and we look forward to sharing it with all our trade partners.

Why Work With AluFold?

When you’re looking for an internal aluminium screen or an external door, you can rely on AluFold for fast and efficient service. We pride ourselves on quick turnarounds, so your project will be completed in record time. Our Heritage range is also highly customisable, so your clients will be able to design beautiful, bespoke doors that are perfect for their needs. We offer clear, satin and patterned glazing, a wide variety of threshold options and slender sightlines starting at just 74mm.

You can also trust that your project doors will be tough, durable and incredibly long-lasting. They are built to last and won’t rust, warp or fade over time. They’re given a coating that resists corrosion and we’re so confident in them that they come with a ten-year guarantee as standard.

internal aluminium dividing screen

Innovative Aluminium Doors And Screens

The ID30 system is the perfect way to divide up internal spaces. Open-plan working and living is commonplace and there is a growing need to utilise indoor room more effectively. Our internal Heritage screens allow people to partition their rooms without sacrificing the light levels. The wide glazing areas mean that sunlight will continue to fill the office or home space, but there’ll be a greater degree of noise insulation and privacy.

Alternatively, perhaps your clients are looking for a seamless link between their kitchen and the glorious garden outside. The SD70 systems let in enormous amounts of natural sunlight and help the natural world seem closer than ever. Installing these doors will make the home and garden feel inextricably connected and with our fast lead times, we won’t leave you or your customers waiting.

We are delighted by our new range of doors and screens. If you have any questions or if you already know that the Heritage collection is exactly what your next construction project needs, get in touch today! You can contact us or request a quote today to find out more.