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Heritage Doors and Screens

SD70 External & ID30 Internal systems available

    Heritage Doors and Screens from AluFold are the ideal way to enhance your open-plan living space.

    Get a classic look with AluFold Direct’s Heritage range. Designed for rapid installation, our Heritage doors and screens are the first choice for jobs that require a quick lead time. The ingenious craftsmanship means they can easily slot into ongoing projects or form the centrepiece of a new one. They are ideal for stress-free, cost-effective home improvement projects. Choose from either the Heritage Internal ID30 for indoor use or the Heritage External SD70 for external doors and screens.

    Our Heritage doors were inspired by the famous Crittal steel products first introduced in the early 20th Century, but are made with aluminium. Based on this timeless design, Heritage doors and frames can be customised with plenty of colour and style configurations to suit any structure. These high-quality steel-alternative doors are built to last and have long lifespans.

    The colour will not fade and the narrow metal frames mean there is greater space for glazing, allowing more natural light to flood the surrounding rooms. We also offer competitive prices and for complete peace of mind, all our doors come with a ten-year guarantee. Available for both internal and external use, these exceptional products will transform homes and offices alike.

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    Key features

    • External SD70 and Internal ID30 systems available
    • Wide variety of threshold options available to suit most applications
    • Both SD70 and ID30 systems come with double glazing as standard
    • Internal ID30, can also be spec’d with 8mm toughened glazing
    • Clear, satin and patterned glazing options
    • Fast lead times, rapid installation

    • Ultra slim sightlines starting from just 74mm
    • Made with high-grade aluminium, an exceptionally strong but lightweight metal
    • High-performance hardware fitted as standard
    • Custom powder-coated using RAL or British Standard Colour Chart colours
    • 10-year guarantee
    Internal doors made with aluminium

    Why Choose Heritage Doors From AluFold?

    Heritage doors and frames from AluFold Direct are versatile, strong, and renowned for their slim profiles. With both internal and external options available, Heritage doors will help contemporary spaces reach their full potential. If you’re working on a project where a wide area needs to be divided up but don’t want to limit the light levels, Heritage doors are the best choice.

    Open-plan living is a big thing right now. As home working becomes more common, people change their lifestyles and families live together for longer, there is a need to utilise internal space more effectively. Heritage gives both home and business owners a stylish and eye-catching way to manage their indoor areas.

    For instance, perhaps you want to separate a home office from a living room. Our slimline internal screens are just the thing. They’ll divide the space, reduce noise and increase privacy, but won’t impact the light levels. There’s no risk of a sectioned room becoming stuffy or dark; it’ll be well-lit, bright and airy.

    They’re also perfect for external use. Our Heritage doors have a traditional vibe but with none of the drawbacks associated with vintage steel doors and windows. They’re not prone to condensation, while the comparatively lightweight metal puts far less strain on the building structure. This allows us to devote more space to the glass, letting in more sunlight than you’d usually expect.

    These striking aluminium doors and screens are cost-effective and can be installed quickly. Fitting new doors can be time-consuming, messy and expensive, but not with AluFold. You’ll be treated to a fast and efficient upgrade at a relatively small cost.

    With Heritage Doors, you’ll get walls that let the light through, create new rooms for offices and transform older, tired buildings into something fresh and vibrant. For less stress, more light and a healthier bank account, choose AluFold.

    Customisation Options

    Delivery Information

    Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to help you in every stage of the process from design to installation. Fast delivery is our No1 goal, allowing installers to turn orders into cash as soon as possible.

    Your target delivery date will be agreed at the point of order. Our experience, scale and capacity should give you confidence and allow you to professionally plan your install diary. Here at AluFoldDirect, our unmarked fleet deliver direct to site, cutting down on your loading and unloading, saving both time and money for installers. Check the latest lead times here.

    We deliver nationwide, all across the UK from Inverness to the Channel Islands, vehicle sizes are planned relevant to the size of each job and the access limitations on each site.

    We are well versed at delivering to central London in smaller vans at odd times, to facilitate traffic limitations.

    Our Guarantee

    For complete peace of mind, all AluFold Direct windows and doors, including our Aluminium Tilt & Turn Windows, are covered with a limited 10-year guarantee.

    Please visit our guarantee page to learn more.

    Need advice? Call our order support line: 01706 260 700