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Commercial Smoke Vent Windows

Commercial Smoke Vent Windows

    Automatic smoke vent windows are available on projects that need an extra level of fire safety.

    Smoke vent windows feature a cleverly engineered mechanism to automatically open if fire, smoke or excessive heat is detected within a building. Effective smoke vent windows allow smoke to rise up and escape from the building.

    Removing smoke from a building not only minimises smoke damage to the building, but also helps to clear the air to reduce smoke inhalation by occupants, as well as allowing for better visibility so that occupants can escape and fire fighters have quicker, easier access to tackle the fire.

    Key features

    • Slim sightline and modern contemporary aesthetics
    • Frames are made from high grade strong but lightweight aluminium
    • Option for integrated deep head outer frame profile for simple integration of trickle ventilation
    • Unique thermal break design to surpass current thermal regulations
    • A range of cill options to cover multiple installation situations
    • Automatic smoke vent opening in the event of fire
    • Fully smoke-vent compliant system for additional fire safety
    • High performance window system that’s energy efficient and secure
    • Ideal for commercial, public-sector and high-rise buildings

    Glazing options

    Nothing standard about the AluFold Standard - Our Slim Commercial Casement windows are supplied with high performance Low-E soft-coat, toughened, double glazed units with warm edge spacer bar as the Alufold Standard

    On top of the Alufold Standard we also offer premium upgrades for enhanced security and enhanced sound insulation

    • We can also offer a full range of architectural specification units to suit your project specification requirements
    • Size range 28mm to 40mm glass units can be accommodated
    • The commercial smoke vent windows can also be internally or externally glazed to accommodate low and high rise projects.
    Inspired by colour

    Our commercial windows are available in a range of architectural powders and finishes are available to order to suit your project needs, or can be ordered or from stock in white, grey, and black.

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    RAL 9910
    RAL 9910
    Need advice? Call our order supportline: 01706 260 700