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Automatic Smoke Vent Windows

Automatic smoke vent windows are available for projects that need an extra level of fire safety.

AluFold Direct Smoke vent windows feature a cleverly engineered mechanism to automatically open the window if fire, smoke or excessive heat is detected within a building. Automatic smoke vent windows allow smoke or toxic fumes to rise up and escape from the building.

Removing smoke from a building not only minimises damage to the building, but also helps to clear the air to reduce smoke inhalation by occupants, as well as allowing for better visibility so that occupants can escape and firefighters have quicker, easier access to tackle the fire.

Automatic Smoke Vent Windows Technical Specifications

Key features

  • Slim sightlines and modern contemporary aesthetics
  • Frames are made from high grade strong but lightweight aluminium
  • Option for integrated deep head outer frame profile for simple integration of trickle ventilation
  • Unique thermal break design to surpass current thermal regulations
  • A range of cill options to cover multiple installation situations
  • Automatic smoke vent opening in the event of fire
  • Fully smoke-vent compliant system for additional fire safety
  • High-performance window system that’s energy-efficient and secure
  • Ideal for commercial, public-sector and high-rise buildings
  • 10-Year Guarantee
Aluminium commercial automatic smoke vent windows

Why Choose Our Smoke Vent Windows?

Every commercial or multiple occupancy building needs smoke vents which in case of fire will channel harmful fumes and smoke. AluFold Direct automatic smoke vent systems are fully autonomous and need no human intervention: as soon as smoke or heat is detected, the motorised mechanism opens the vent and allows for the toxic fumes and smoke to escape the building.

All AluFold Direct Commercial AOV Windows are manufactured using the highest quality aluminium. The sleek, slimline frames offer strength, durability and a clean modern aesthetic for commercial spaces of all kinds.

Our smoke vent windows achieve U-values as low as 1.3 Wm²K, are accessible and easy to operate, feature easily integrated trickle ventilation and a multi-point locking system.

All of these benefits mean our automatic smoke vent windows are compliant with Part L, M, F and Q of building regulations – all key considerations when choosing the best windows for commercial applications.

The AluFold Standard

There’s nothing ‘standard’ about the AluFold Standard. All of our automatic opening vent windows are supplied with high-performance Low-E soft-coat, toughened, double glazed units with a warm edge spacer bar.

Customisation Options for AOV Windows

Automatic Smoke Vent Windows

Smoke Vent Windows Performance

Our range of commercial aluminium smoke vent windows are not just an aesthetic feature to complete your commercial project, they also offer superior performance – from enhanced security and durability to excellent energy efficiency.

Delivery Information

Our state-of-the-art facilities not only allow us to help you in every stage of the process from design to installation, but also gives us the opportunity to hold large amounts of stock. This enables fast delivery of our aluminium windows, an important consideration when working on commercial projects with strict deadlines.

Here at AluFold Direct, our turnarounds are some of the fastest in the industry, meaning your windows can be delivered to suit your project’s schedule, helping you stick to deadlines, saving time and money for everyone involved. Check the latest lead times here.

We deliver nationwide, all across the UK from Inverness to the Channel Islands, direct to site in an unmarked van for an uninterrupted installation process. Alternatively, if you’re near to our Blackburn base, you can collect your aluminium windows or doors direct from our factory.

Our Guarantee

For complete peace of mind, all AluFold Direct windows and doors, including our Commercial Smoke Vent Windows, are covered with a limited 10-year guarantee.

Please visit our guarantee page to learn more.

Need advice? Call our order support line: 01706 260 700